PostDoc position offered - application deadline March 30, 2018

J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry of the CAS, v.v.i., for the purposes of the project "Implementation of the state-of-the-art physico-chemical methods for studies of innovative materials and bio/chemical processes", Reg.No. CZ.02.2.69/0.0/0.0/16_027/0008355, under the call 02_16_027 International Mobility of Researchers (MEYS, OP RDE) offers:

POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW position (for the scientists currently working out of Czech Republic) for the research projects:

Nanoscale characterization of new materials for optoelectronics

General requirements:
• Experience with writing scientific papers and publishing in impacted journal (at least 2 scientific papers in last three years)
• Advanced level of written and spoken English
• PhD degree in physics, chemistry or technical sciences (maximum 7 years from receiving a degree)
• The applicant is/was working out of the Czech Republic for two years from last three years.
• Competencies necessary for team work.

Job description:

The main task of the successful applicant will be the nanoscale characterization of two-dimensional materials and devices for optoelectronics and energy harvesting. As the main tool, state-of-the-art combined AFM-Raman spectrometer will be used, backed-up by fully equipped labs for sample preparation and analysis. Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (TERS) and Photoluminescence (TEPL), and various advanced AFM techniques will be employed to study the local light-matter interactions and excitonic effects.

Salary ~ Marie Curie-Sklodowska Fellowship

Detailed information concerning the position will be provided by Dr. Otakar Frank (e-mail:

Specific requirements:
• Preferred PhD thesis in a field of optics/photonics, however, particular experience with relevant topics will be considered
• Previous experience with Raman spectroscopy and Scanning Probe Microscopy (documented by thesis or publications) is necessary. Experience with near-field techniques is beneficial.

Position starts: 1 May, 2018
Duration of the job: 22 months
Contract type: full-time job
Job location: Prague

Documents required from the candidate:
Application form (see the attached file) with CV, diploma copy, brief summary of previous research, list of publications, names plus e-mail addresses of 1 - 2 references, a document proving that the applicant is/was working out of the Czech Republic for 2 years from the last 3 years.
Applications with the required documents must be submitted via e-mail to a contact person for HR and administrative issues: Marketa Zapletalova,

Applications deadline: March 30, 2018

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