Dr. Milan Bouša

Dr. Milan Bouša

Post-doc, Department of Electrochemical Materials

email: milan.bousa@jh-inst.cas.cz
tel.: +420 266053955
room: 619


Preparation and characterization of electrochemical-active nanomaterials, materials for energy storage and conversion



Raman spectroelectrochemistry, electrochemistry, electron microscopy



  • 2010 - present    JHINST - Department of Electrochemical Materials; research assistant
  • 2010 - 2017        Faculty of Science, Charles University; PhD. student
  • 2003 - 2009        Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague; undergraduate student

Selected publications

1) Bousa M., Laskova B., Zukalova M., Prochazka J., Chou A., Kavan., “Polycrystalline TiO2 Anatase with a Large Proportion of Crystal Facets (001): Lithium Insertion Electrochemistry”, Journal of  Electrochemical Society, 2010, 157, A1108-A1112.

2) Frank O., Bousa M., Riaz I., Jalil R., Novoselov K.S., Tsoukleri G., Parthenios J., Kavan L., Papagelis K., Galiotis C., “Phonon and Structural Changes in Deformed Bernal Stacked Bilayer Graphene”, NanoLetters, 2012, 12 (2), 687-693.

3) Bousa M., Frank O., Jirka I., Kavan L., “In situ Raman spectroelectrochemistry of graphene oxide”, Physica Status Solidi (b), 2013, 250, 2662-2667.

4) Laskova B., Frank O., Zukalova M., Bousa M., Dracinsky M., Kavan L., “Lithium Insertion into Titanium Dioxide (Anatase): A Raman Study with 16/18O and 6\7Li Isotope Labeling”, Chemistry of Materials, 2013, 25, 3710−3717.

5) Bousa M., Frank O., Kavan L., “Progressive In Situ Reduction of Graphene Oxide Studied by Raman Spectroelectrochemistry: Implications for a Spontaneous Activation of LiFePO4 (Olivine)”, Electroanalysis, 2014, 26, 57-61.

6) Laskova B., Zukalova M., Zukal A., Bousa M., Kavan L., “Capacitive contribution to Li-storage in TiO2 (B) and TiO2 (anatase)”, Journal of Power Sources, 2014, 246, 103-109.

7) Bousa M., Anagnostopoulos G., del Corro E., Drogowska K., Pekarek J., Kavan L., Kalbac M., Parthenios J., Papagelis K., Galiotis C., Frank O., “Stress and charge transfer in uniaxially strained CVD graphene”, Physica Status Solidi (b), 2016, 1-7.

8) Del Corro E., Pena-Alvarez M., Sato K., Morales-Garcia A., Bousa M., Mracko M., Kolman R., Pacakova B., Kavan L., Kalbac M., Frank O., “Fine tuning of optical transition energy of twisted bilayer graphene via interlayer distance modulation”, Physical Review B, 2017, 95 (8).

9) Hajkova Z., Ledinsky M., Vetushka A., Stuchlik J., Muller M., Fejfar A., Bousa M., Kalbac M., Frank O., “Photovoltaic characterization of graphene/silicon Schottky junctions from local and macroscopic perspectives”, Chemical Physics Letters, 2017, 676, 82-88.